The last episode before the season finale and we get to delve, once again, into the personal lives of the Command PR staff. This episode opens up with Jonathan telling the girls that he has to leave work early because he has a date. Whoa! Put on the breaks! The staff begins to bombard him with questions but as he is leaving the office he assures them that he will send them a TwitPic later, so thoughtful! After the opening credits, we see Jonathan and his date going to eat at Nobu in West Hollywood. He orders many different dishes but his date doesn’t seem very interested in the type of food he is asking her to eat. Turns out, she is a vegetarian. Jonathan is really going to have to make some serious eating changes if he wants to keep this girl!

The scene changes to the Command PR girls out for dinner and Lauren is really trying to get Summer to drink, even though Summer is only 19 years old. You can tell that it is really bothering Summer. Lauren leaves the table and Summer says that Lauren is really getting on her nerves pushing her to do all of this stuff. She says enough is enough. The scene switches to the Command PR West office again and everyone is wanting to get the juicy details of Jonathan’s hot date. He tells them that everything was great except for one little thing, which was the meat deal. In Jonathan’s personal interview with the camera, he tells us that he really wants to try and make this work.

As with any episode with The Spin Crowd, we always have the Command PR team trying to plan a celebrity event. This week, they are working with the ever stunning Carmen Electra. They are planning a product launch event with her new line of sexy toys to be sold by Spencers. They meet with Carmen at Katsuya at the Americana where Carmen shows them her products over lunch. Her products include, the Naughty Nite Kit, Body Glitter Kit, Strip Dice & Lover’s Dice, Pasties with tassles, and Carmen Electra’s Spank Kit. The boys are in love with the products but Jonathan makes note not to have the even turn into something trashy and dirty but to keep it fun and sexy.

Jonathan decides to give his date a second chance and she invites him to dinner at Real Food Daily – Authentic Vegan Cuisine and you can tell that Jonathan is not the least bit interested in anything that is brought to the table. His date asks him if he likes smoking, and when he tells her how disgusting he thinks it is, she tells him that a meat eater is the equivalent to her. We then switch to the event at Spencers in a Los Angeles mall. The fans are lined up, the products are out and the girls are brainstorming some fun photo ideas while setting up. Lauren is still taking a jabs at Lauren, this time, unknowingly, it seems. The guys and Carmen arrive and the event goes well. Its not a big event but went just as Jonathan and Simon hoped it would.

As the girls return back to the office, Summer confronts Lauren about the way she has been acting toward her. Lauren begins to cry and tells her that she had no idea that she was coming across that way and really did not mean it. After feeling attacked, she leaves the office and Summer comes running after her! Aww! They make up but Summer tells the camera that she knows that she and summer will never be bff, but she will now be able to dish it right back to her. Later on that night, Jonathan’s date decides to come over and cook him a Vegan meal but in the process of cooking she finds a burger wrapper in the trashcan. Jonathan lies about it and she decides they should just be friends, so that is the end of that. The next scene is Jonathan and Simon in a magazine shop with their usual banter. The pictures from the Carmen Electra event were a success and look really good.

Closing out this episode we see a sneak peak of next weeks season finale! Tear!!!! Looks like KoKo is going to propose to Erika! Simon and Jonathan get into a major fight that looks like its not going to end well for Command PR West. I’m going to have my kleenex ready! I’m not ready for the season to come to a close because I feel like we were just getting to know the team. I’m hoping E! will pick them up for a second season!

To purchase any of Carmen Electra’s Naughty Products, please follow this link
and warning, it is NSFW!

Looking forward to the finale!