Ok – I’m so sorry that I’m super late in writing this update but I have been so super busy with work and I’m just now being able to catch up! So, I apologize big time! This week’s episode we got to see a little taste of Summer, Command PRs youngest associate. We get to delve deeper into the personal lives of the Command PR girl’s with this episode. The episode starts off with Simon confessing to Jonathan that he needs to relate to the girls and stop being such a monster. Jonathan agrees and so the pranks begin. He tells the girls that they will be going back to LA at 5 that afternoon while he and Simon headed on out to the Hampton’s. This makes the girls really upset, especially Lauren, who begins to let Simon have it! He, then, informs them that it was just a prank and the girls are so thrilled that they are still getting to go. Then, we see Simon and Jonathan riding in the car and Simon really needs to urinate but Jonathan will not pull over so Simon does what anyone would do in that situation and pees in a cup! This show is so hilarious!

As they arrive in the Hampton’s they pull up to the Heller Estate which is a $45,000,000 home in the Hampton’s. The girls and Jonathan and Simon are just ecstatic to be there! The girls are trying their best to get Summer to date a white guy while she is in the Hamptons but Summer is leary, but the girls are on a mission to get her a hookup! The Command West team is in the Hamtpons to help Kelly Rowland promote her new single at a release party. Kelly comes to visit them at the house and she and Jonathan perform a prank on Lauren by stealing her sunglasses. Kelly tries on Lauren’s glasses and then supposedly leaves, but Jonathan whips them out and calms her down again. Before Kelly leaves, the Command girls and Kelly go walking on the beach and they find these two good looking white guys out on the beach. Summer steps out there and gets his number and asks him to come to the release party as her date. He accepts! Woo!

The girls decide to get Jonathan back by stealing his blackberry. Jonathan goes postal! This scene in the episode is hilarious because the girls are sneaking around on the floor, Simon is hiding in the bedroom and Jonathan is throwing food. It is so funny. Simon keeps telling Jonathan that Kim has sent him an email and that he needs to look at it urgent! The more Simon tells Jonathan this the more worked up Jonathan becomes. So funny! They eventually do get him back!

At the release party, Summer’s boy does come and they end up making out a ton at the party and Summer carries him home and we obviously know what the night ensues. The next morning Jonathan, Simon, and the girls are out eating breakfast on the deck and Summer comes out with her guy. He says Hello/Goodbye and leaves. Summer tells the girls that black guys will always be her thing stating, “Once you go black, you never go back!”

This episode was great in the fact that we get to see more of Summer and the girls and I’m really looking forward to next week’s episode!!

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