Last night’s episode was sooo good! I hope you guys were able to catch it no matter where in the United States you were! At the end of last week’s episode we saw where the Command PR West team was leaving to go to NYC to do a Gorilla Charity Event for Kim Kardashian. This episode picks up with the Command West team riding in the back of a taxi and you can feel the Manhattan energy through your tv. The team is so excited to be back in NYC and, for some of the team, this is their first time in the city. After checking into the Paramount Hotel in NYC, the team plans to meet the next morning at 9am for what Simon calls a Breakfast Pow-Wow.

At breakfast the next morning, Jonathan makes note that he has not been to his apartment that he has been working on in NYC. He left several months before in the middle of construction and has not been back to see the finished product so after breakfast the team goes to Jonathan’s penthouse apartment. This is our first introduction to SAL! Sal is Jonathan’s contractor and has been working on Jonathan’s apartment. Sal is a big guy from Brooklyn whom Jonathan refers to as “Bob Villa and Rodney Dangerfield rolled into one.” We finally get to see Jonathan’s apartment which, personally, I don’t think is quite as laid back as his LA Condo. I prefer the Condo myself. Lauren notes that entertaining there would be fun and that is when Summer suggests that Jonathan should have a housewarming party. Simon quickly interjects to make the team understand that they are there for the Gorillas and they are not there to worry about Jonathan’s housewarming party. Simon says in his personal interview that he knew that Jonathan would still have the party anyway.

Jonathan has the girls running all over the city trying to get everything he needs to have an impressive housewarming party, especially since his mother is the guest of honor. Through all of this, we can sense Simon’s stress as he goes through the run through at Dave & Buster’s by himself. Katie, being Simon’s best friend, tells Simon the truth and lets the cat out of the bag. Either way, the Even went off without a hitch and there were tons of great pictures taken. Sal was coaxed into dressing up as a gorilla and there were lots of pictures made with Kim. Of course, Jonathan still had his housewarming party which seemed to be a hit as well. Upon asking his mother what she thought of the apartment she said that she thought it was nice but it could be bigger!

We get a sneak peek into next weeks episode which looks really good! Looks like there are going to be plenty of pranks, a little Kelly Rowland, and some smooching! We can’t wait!!

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