Last night was a busy night for television! Especially for music lovers and Spin Crowd lovers! BUT, we all know that the show to watch was, of course, Spin Crowd. Let’s recap shall we?

After waiting a week and rewatching my Spin Crowd Episodes from iTunes, I was ready for some more JC, Simon, and Command PR! The episode begins with a little trip to the pharmacy to get Simon something “personal,” and we see our first glimpse into Jonathan and Simon’s odd relationship. This little incident of Jonathan’s nosiness was just the first step in sending Simon over the edge. Simon informs Jonathan that he has dinner plans and goes out with a friend to a very nice restaraunt, where Jonathan is blowing up Simon’s Blackberry with phone calls, bbm’s, and text messages.

The next morning at work, a new client, Danny Alex, is opening a new women’s athletics store in LA called BraVada Women’s Athletica. Danny already has Shannon Doherty (aka Brenda Walsh) to be there for the ribbon cutting ceremony but he wants Command PR to help get the media there and we all know that Jonathan and Simon and all those adorable ladies at Command PR are the ones to get the job done! Simon tells Danny he invisions a giant pair of scissors and a chic bow. Danny loves it and the plan is put into motion.

The we go back to the personal lives of Jonathan and Simon. They are riding in Jonathan’s BMW and Jonathan says that he, Simon, and Lo Bosworth were going to dinner that night when Simon informs Jonathan that he has dinner plans with his editor friend. Jonathan says they will talk about NYC when they get home but Simon says he is not having a Midnight meeting. When Jonathan does go out we see that he doesn’t go out to dinner with his editor friend, he went out with his friend Carla to the Tea Room for some cocktails. Jonathan finds out about the lie and a fight insues when Simon gets home that results in Simon going to stay the night with Katie at her apartment.

The next day is the event and Jonathan and Simon are both on edge. The jumbo scissors that Simon invisioned were finally there but they weren’t cutting anything. Simon sends Katie and Erika after a new pair of scissors. Shannon arrives at the event for the ribbon cutting ceremony but Katie and Summer are nowhere to be found, so Jonathan takes Shannon next door to a bakery for something sweet while she is waiting. The scissors finally arrive and they have the ribbon cutting ceremony but the scissors didn’t cut. Jonathan gives Shannon some real scissors and the ribbon is cut.

Although the event didn’t go off completely without a hitch, I thought Command PR handled it very well and definitely did a great job! The show ends with Jonathan and Simon having a discussion in Jonathan’s condo before the team leaves to go to New York to work on a Gorilla Charity event for Kim Kardashian. Simon informs Jonathan that he will be moving out and they both seem to agree that that is a good decision.

Throughout the episode, in little sprinkles, we are introduced to a personal side of Erika’s life, her boyfriend, Coco. Coco and Erika are celebrating their one year anniversary and Coco has a weekend getaway planned, that will require Erika to take her passport, the same weekend that Command PR will be going out to the east coast. Luckily Coco knows that this job is important to Erika and loves her enought that he postponed the weekend. We learn this in the last scene of the episode as the team is waiting at the airport and Erika is nowhere to be found. She eventually rolls up in a black SUV and saves the day as the team heads off for NY.

All in all a great episode and I’m looking forward to seeing next weeks episode with the team back in NY!

I would also like to take this little chance to wish the adorable Katie Mox a very Happy Birthday!!