So!! Who caught last night’s episode of The Spin Crowd?? I did!! Last night’s episode was fantastic. Lets have the rundown shall we??

We all know that Jonathan Cheban and Simon Huck are the two most amazing celebrity PR agents in the industry. Jonathan and Simon run Command PR, a coastal company that has offices in New York City and Los Angeles. Last night, Simon accepted a job from a billionaire client named Alkie, whose girlfriend, Jennifer Stano (@jenniferstano on twitter!) was developing a new bikini line and Alki wanted Jonathan, Simon and the girls at Command PR to help make her famous. Upon the first client meeting with Alki and Jennifer, Alki wishes for Command PR to handle Jennifer and another fiercly competitive firm, Duet PR, to handle the actual bikini line. Since the PR world is very small and very competitive, of course there was plenty of drama!

Alki wanted Command and Duet to work together in the same offices to develope some sort of synergy that would benefit Jennifer’s career. Well, these two twins that own Duet PR quickly got under the staff of Command PR’s skin and left Simon in the middle to keep the peace, which he is so good at, if we might say! Simon thought it would be good to plan a lunch date with the amazing, Ms. Stacey Kiebler and Jennifer to discuss a possible endorsement. There were tons of photographers and paparazzi there and Simon was glowing. Unfortunately, the photos did not show Jennifer so much so the plan backfired and Simon had to do something else to get Jennifer out there in the world.

Simon, left with no one else to turn to and went to Jonathan to help him out in getting this client out there. After all, Alki was paying big money to have big PR work done and Command had to deliver. They decided to have Sophie Monk, pop singer and actress, walk Jennifer down the red carpet, hand in hand, at Travie McCoy’s new release party. The even went off without a hitch and Command PR, once again, delivered.

Duet PR was definitely to much for me in this episode. Those girls were not professional at all and I’m glad the Jennifer had Command handling her and not the clothing line. The episode was very entertaining and I am looking forward to more from Command PR and The Spin Crowd!

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